Friday, April 3, 2009

READER SUBMISSION: "Dirt" by S, Chicago; marker on brownish paper

The Russian-born artist Wassily Kandinsky compared the spiritual life of humanity to a large triangle. It was the artist’s job, he theorized, to lead others to the top of the pyramid by the exercise of his talent. On first review, S’s strident debut seems too wiry, too “Kandinsky-light” for real mettle. And then it hits you. To ascend to the peak, one must travel lightly. S chooses only red marker and soiled paper, tools wispy enough to carry the weight of the world if she so chooses. Another piece like this one and the choice will be made for the young lady. This is exciting stuff!


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  2. an interesting take, Rishi, but well off the mark I'm afraid.

  3. Exciting stuff indeed! I am proud to hang this prized piece in my home, and look for great things from this burgeoning young talent.

  4. You must be quite "adorned", good sir, to be able to hang such a piece in your home. On behalf of all great artists, thank you for your support.