Monday, April 6, 2009

REVIEW CONTEST!!!! "Red" by A, St. Louis, paint or blood on paper

Today's your lucky day. I'm throwing this blog open to all the amateurs out there who live and die by my thought-provoking critiques. Post your review of "Red" in the COMMENTS section or email it to Winning review is posted on the main page. I decide who the winner is because only I can do things like that. Not you. Godspeed.


  1. I am the mother of the artist; this one is actually by A., age 6. In an interview with the artist, she says that this is Clifford. Her inspiration was that "we had to do it- it was for the art fair. It was made with paint and a paintbrush. Seth actually made the best one because his is good. It was really fun to make. His legs are so big because Clifford has big legs."

    As a middle child, A. is quite diplomatic and declined to state which kindergartener made the worst Clifford.

  2. Kudos to the parent for asking the tough questions! "Who made the worst Clifford, A?" Too often, kids are thrown softballs like "isn't this casserole yummy?" or "isn't Daddy impossible?" Well done, mother of A! Well done!

  3. A's canine depiction is striking in it's equine-ness. Put a saddle on that puppy! A's quixotic work is reminiscent of another young urban painter who boldly straddled that dangerous doggy-horsey line on a ride to the zenith of the Chicago art scene back in the late 80's. If you recall the halcyon days of the GHW Bush administration, then you'll remember when the City of Broad Shoulders came under the spell of a seemingly esoteric question, "Is it horse, or, is it dog?" It was an instant parable and provided a comforting lens with which the body politic could find order in a quickly changing world. The artist and his bulky brick cellphone were stars of the hour -- The Pump Room, Phil many visionaries, our hero became a victim to his own fame -- and mescaline wasn't the only problem. With an ill-advised venture into the indy music scene, hair or dog finally overreached its audience. What, other than hubris (and a decent amount of psychedelics) could have allowed him to think that a three-cord op-art band called Horse of the Dog regaled in discarded Russian cosmonaut uniforms would fly in a pre-Glasnost America?
    Mother of A, do your daughter a favor and pull her away from the easel!
    All in favor of reviewing Seth's big red dog, say "Aye."

  4. a solid, solid candidate. I can barely understand most of it and I am a well-known genius. shocking work!

  5. seeing how we have one review to date (and mind you, it's a good one!), I must declare it the winner. It will be posted along with the photo this week. Congratulations, A. Nony Mous.