Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WORLD PREMIERE! "Down down", by A, San Diego, mixed media

Catch your breath now, if you can. This raucous debut from much-heralded multimedia wunderkind, A, proves that while San Diego may be a sleepy beach town, much is stirring under its' sandy surface. In 23 of the most powerful seconds you will ever experience, A visually and emotionally brings us "Down down" with her subject's vicious descent into madness. The pupils ever dilated, the teeth morphing to fangs then giving way to a mute gaping black hole -- and ladies and gentlemen, when our ability to express drips away, the demonic feeding frenzy begins. But in an absolutely delicious turn, A loops the footage repeatedly. The message is clear: we are never at rest. We are never at peace. Art cannot save you. Nothing can save you. Now rise and do it again. An absolutely transcendent debut. Where is the east coast response? Holla.

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  1. The artist has some Dad issues.