Monday, May 11, 2009

"Grandma" by M, Columbus, Ohio

BLOG AUTHOR'S NOTE: My brother Joseph (pronounced Yo-Sef) is also a genius. See a riveting documentary on our incredible lives HERE. And then read his genius critique of a surprising new work below.

Guest critic: Joseph Consiglio
The abysmal despair embodied by a featureless black angus cow in bric-a-brac wig, in second-grade rising star M’s bitter parody of suburban alienation, “Grandma,” makes Munch’s sinewy screamer look downright swishy by comparison. The mock-pleasant, lurid artifice of buildings and sky, stalked by a most bovine evil, amid which a suspended square basketball reminds the viewer that grade school is but a withering dream, is udder-ly terrifying. When this deeply affected reviewer tried to reach the artist for comment, she was at soccer.


  1. I'm dying....where do u guys come up with this stuff.....

  2. did you see the video? explains everything.