Saturday, September 5, 2009

“Stuffed…with child.” Stickers on corporate stationery, by Q, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn-raised surrealist, Q, has seen a lot in his short life. As many young New York artists born in the post 9/11 lockdown, Q has focused his studies on the neighborhood instead of the world. Less travel, more home exploration. And in doing so, he’s managed to sharpen an already keen eye trained indelibly on the cultures and controlled chaos of everyday life in the world’s richest (financially and metaphysically) city. His latest effort is classic Q; a gender-bending pregnant life form made out of “food” supplied by a corporate chain. Where else but New York? The gaping orange eyes are more meth than mommy and the macaroni-featured “child” has grown larger than its host – are we eating for two or feeding the beast? It doesn’t always take a great imagination to be a successful artist. Sometimes, it’s all about – as they say in real estate – location, location, location. Q seems perfectly situated to stay a relevant force for years to come. Assuming, of course, that New York continue to supply the goods.

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