Monday, June 7, 2010

"Color Me Bored", by L, Chicago, cut-up stuff with glue

The merry prankster returns with yet another farcical romp that could even bring the rouge to Warhol’s coke-white cheeks. Chicago’s own L, dubbed “The Snarky Surrealist,” lives up to that moniker with “Color Me Bored” a delightful mixed-media gem that lives joyfully outside of the lines. With the taunting youngster’s face placed bluntly atop a crudely-colored Crayola cutout, L puts a sharp point on an otherwise dull wax: don’t be fooled by all the pretty colors, the world we see is more dull grey. Is this a majority voice, or simply an artist broadcasting her unique image on the masses? Matters little to L, as she continues to grow her latest striking collection: “Thoughts for Time Out.”