Thursday, January 12, 2012


With my book now available on bookshelves and internets throughout the world, it’s only natural that my virtual mailbag has become impregnated with well-wishers, glommers-on and the occasional hot (under the collar) toddy. Here’s a sample. Enjoy!

Dear Dan, I adore the book. And I must say you look devilishly handsome! Could we discuss it more over a drink?

Sorry reader, but spirits never pass these lips. I can ill afford to lose a brain cell (or a million). It takes all my faculties to be this great. Something you’ll never understand, I’m afraid.

Dear Dan, you devote a lot of the book to Lily’s work. The same Lily that recently received a massive private industry grant. Is there a connection?

Oh joy, the common folk spy my new three-story Jackson Hole retreat and suddenly I’m on the take? Since you’re keen on gossip, reader, here’s a hot tip for you: focus more on your own life and perhaps you too may graduate from the Chevy SUV and buffet bar life.

Dear Dan, you didn’t review my son’s work. What gives?

What gives? I give. I give reviews to work worthy of my precious time. I give careers to unknowns. I give the gift of inclusion into a world you could never provide. However, I do not give reviews to diaper-soiling, saliva-dribbling mongrels that can scarcely find the wet end of the brush. Hope you enjoyed the book.

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