Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Horse Behind Rocks," by L, Portland, finger paint on butcher paper

Day Care Expressionism, the moody movement centered on emotional abandonment, which I so astutely covered in my latest book (buy it here this second), continues to gain steam. As with any emotionally relevant creation, new buds flourish as new followers breathe in fresh light. L may very well be the missing link that successfully harnesses the reckless violence of the movement into a more discernable, message-relaying experience. In short, these whiny babies may indeed have something to say. “Horse Behind Rocks” not only is the first work from a self-proclaimed Day Care Expressionist to pay any attention whatsoever to form, it’s also loaded with subtext. We see the horse, quite clearly, eyes as black and soulless as coal--a wild and free creature in a guarded box not unlike day care with all its “suggested” rules. No hitting, no fighting -- no living. A purple form appears to weigh down the mare, crushing its spirit. Is it the Birthday Clown? Or is it the shapeless all-consuming depression that surely takes hold after the 300th round of paddy-cake?

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