Monday, March 30, 2009

"Movie 75" by L; experimental performance piece

There are those pieces that lay us bare. Works of art so powerful, so profound, so raw that we critics drop our notepads, rare back from our keyboards, cup our gaping mouths and simply feel the artist. “Movie 75” is a beautiful and terrifying work. To critique such a piece does a disservice to the art world. For who can’t sense the isolation, the disappearing into oneself? Who can’t hear the senseless, guttural cries into the void? “Am I done?” the artist asks rhetorically at the end of the piece. Perhaps. That is, if this absurd mystery ever really began.


  1. Most frightening piece on the blog, hands down.

  2. EXCELLENT review! That movie is great but unless it is your own child, one moves on to forget any of these fine pieces. Your interpretation brings it all to the forefront with the strength and brilliance of a clever imagination. You get to the crux with ease and candor. Bravo Bravo.