Tuesday, March 24, 2009

READER SUBMISSION: “Vampire Dance” by T; washable marker on printer paper; submitted by WR, North Carolina

I see a lot of this type of work from the Carolinas. Some 30 years after Howard Finster’s peak, the young’ns still seem to channel his enduring brand of folk art. Perhaps it’s in the genes, like a love for cheese grits. T’s effort rings true to the movement with the comical head size and devil-walks-amongst-us underpinning. What’s intriguing however, is the combination of personas amongst our hero. Equal parts vampire and pirate, and literally smeared in blood red, T’s work seems bent on forging beyond the comfort of traditional, often religious, myths usually depicted in folk art. “Vampire Dance” screams “I AM HERE! DEAL WITH ME OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!” Folk art, perhaps. Folksy? Never.
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  1. Clearly you have no idea what your talking about. T says it's a "lion" dressed to the nines, holding up on finger. Duh