Wednesday, April 22, 2009

READER SUBMISSION: "BLU" by G, St. Louis, paint on parchment

Prick up your ears, fans; the art world may very well have just crowned a new King of Subtext! “BLU”, a glorious new work from G not only underscores his incredible emotional and physical growth as an artist (see his playful yet rather inauspicious debut HERE), but -- thanks to a deft touch, master-grasp of color and shade, and a wryness that defies his years – catapults this young man to an entirely different level. One color is all G needs to sweep us off our feet with this kinetic gem. As the paint bleeds heartily off the page, we are left wanting and feeling more, our soul continues where the canvas ends. But there’s more to this emotional wave than initially meets the eye. For buried in this treasure is a reminder to all of us: let emotion blindly carry us and there will be consequences. Are we receiving “the bird” for all our efforts? Who better to deliver this message than the artist? Bravo, G.


  1. Yes, this is one of the boy's finer works and I am glad we've captured his fleeting genius. I worry he may be transitioning to a new artistic phase: when we bathed him last night he had at least 1/4 cup of sand in his hair.

    HIs father is also exploring new media: felt. Ask him. He loves to talk about it.

  2. Sand! And felt! I'm canceling my Sunday plans!