Saturday, March 28, 2009

READER SUBMISSION "Cereal" by G, St. Louis; Bingo dabbers on wet paper

There’s a children’s book about a pig named Olivia who, after seeing a Jackson Pollack in an art museum claims, “I could paint that.” That evening, she splatters her bedroom wall in red paint and earns herself a timeout. Cute. Abstract expressionists are the butt of a lot of jokes. And I have to believe G wasn’t the most popular one on the playground after creating this gem. Where’s the silly yellow sun? The jagged rainbow? The one-dimensional chimney with springy coils of smoke? All juvenile crap. G’s “Cereal” is pure kinetic energy, a mad celebration of the artistic process, final product be damned. While his so-called contemporaries are busy penning spindly-legged babysitters with oversized bows in their hair, G is exploring the depths of raw, unedited human emotion in all its violent glory. A painful path perhaps, but art isn’t recess. Onward, young man.


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  2. and I assume, brilliant critiques?