Monday, May 18, 2009

Pay attention, people

Roberta Fallon is a genius. So she's perfect for this blog. She and her dear friend and co-genius, Libby Rosof, keep an incredible blog called the ARTBLOG which you should all visit and expose your kids to immediately. Just take in a glimpse of Roberta's incredible CV: Roberta has written about art for Philadelphia Weekly, Artnet, Art Review, Art on Paper, Philadelphia Inquirer and Art and Auction, and has taught and been a visiting critic at Tyler School of Art, St. Joseph’s University and Cranbrook Academy of Art. Add my humble blog to her credits -- her amazing review is below. Thank you, Roberta.

"Loving the Fashion" by L, reviewed by Roberta Fallon
This fine marker drawing by L captures the current trend in portraiture as fashion statement. (Elisabeth Peyton works this trend well. See for more). L's figure, a gender-ambiguous and ageless beauty stands at ease and confronts the viewer. L's fashionable interpretation of this person activates the entire surface of the drawing. This is a bold representation whose one word --L U C Y-- in the upper left corner sings like a brand label proudly claiming its territory. Everything here from the spiky and wind-tossed hair to the sweet A-line shift with Popeye sleeves and capri skort says this is a person of consequence, a leader among men or women. While it's hard to interpret, L's treatment of the fingers is particularly appealing. The triune of lines and squares easily reference pawn shop cherries (commerce in our days of recession) or perhaps Calder's mobiles (a smart Modernist art historical reference that is in itself very post-Modern). Whatever the meaning, these digits (and who says three can't stand in for five!) feel fresh and new!

L is obviously on her way to stardom. Among other things, her line quality is sure; her concept of the emboldened figure confronting the viewer is solid; and her unselfconscious signature shows her grasp of the importance of branding. I look forward to seeing where L takes this body of work in the future.


  1. Magnificent art and review. Anne of Green Gables would appreciate the "puffed" sleeves.

  2. I would so wear that. Would it make me a person of consequence too, or would I just be a poseur wearing a super-awesome shirt?

  3. Excellent question. I would have to ask Roberta to be sure, but my two cents: you would look like a child.


  4. hoho, Dan. I think you nailed it. In L's hands we would all look consequential...and child-like! thanks for letting me join the discussion here! I love your blog and I actually do love children's art and have stashed away many "genius" works by my kids in the basement. I'm waiting to make my move with them at Sothebys.