Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back from Vacation

As many of you know, I try and steal away each Spring to my little slice of muse-inducing heaven that is West Des Moines. The good people at the Spring Hill Marriott simply radiate with a joie de vivre that is truly inspiring. My heartfelt thanks for a much needed battery recharging. And Craig and Danielle, stay in school! The blog is officially back in session, my patrons. And as such, I demand a fresh supply of your latest, greatest works. Send away (; my extraordinary mind is your blank canvas.


  1. Sienna is in a creativity rut :( I hope I'll get her inspired enough soon to submit something! It could just be that she is rebelling against anything that Mommy wants her to do though.....

  2. rebellion is an art in itself. if she won't paint, maybe she'll express her creativity through anger. if you record a tantrum, i'll critique it.