Saturday, June 6, 2009

Art Exhibit dominated by H, Portland, Oregon

I won’t lie to you; I was feeling a bit downhearted when I left for my little oasis in West Des Moines. The demons were circling…was this blog actually accomplishing what I set out to do: set the art world on its collective ear (pardon the pun, Vincent)? After an inspiring start, many of the recent submissions felt childish, hollow, vapid. And truth be told, some of my reviews lacked the passion I so rightly demand in the work. And then I return to find this gem shining brightly from my digital inbox; it’s a still image snapped at Miss Kalcfactis’ second grade art exhibit, “Growing: A Retrospective” in Portland, Oregon. Amidst the clunky, unimaginative “flowers” bloom two dazzling inspirations. My heart literally fluttered as I drank in H’s category-shattering dabs and swirls. Arguably, the entire wall depicts flora, yet which pieces evoke growth, change, possibility, and dare I say, love? Thank you, H, for setting ablaze again a fire that had quieted to a candle flicker. And for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this humble blog is doing yeoman’s work.

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