Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Into the Bowlels" by C, Chicago, crayon madness

People are frightened of greatness. Frightened of the sacrifices it takes, frightened of the responses it might elicit, frightened of the sheer power of it; the removal of limits and boundaries which provide the framework for our safe, mediocre lives. This is not to say greatness exists in everyone, but it’s fair to say there are those out there who have shelved the possibility – swallowed it whole with their antidepressants and orange juice -- and taken the first train to “thinking less.” Today, WMKAS is proud to debut a savagely fierce young artist who not only shows no fear of what is certainly his destiny, but embraces it like a stuffed Garfield. Chicago’s own C has delivered us with his first work, “Into the Bowels”, a tour-de-force as unsettling and guttural as its title. With line form as true as a salute, C employs a spectral range of colors whirling and diving, melding and throbbing. The viewer is both pushed and pulled, invited and expelled. We’re left exactly where we began. Are we wiser for the journey? Tell yourself whatever you like, C seems to be saying, you matter little to the process; the process has its own natural order. C, however, seems destined to be one of the precious few capable of rewriting the code. Bravo.


  1. This is an awesome blog! I'm passing it on to all o fmy friends. Keep up the good work.

  2. thank the artists. for they are the true geniuses. only sometimes the work is utter crap.