Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Polly Pocket Hotel", architectural model by L

L has never been one for categories. Her art has always strived to serve only the idea, not adhere to the specifications of any so-called movement. And so it is with her first foray into architecture: "Polly Pocket Hotel” – a name as blunt and honest as L’s legendary demeanor – picks up right where her brush leaves off. Defying both modernism and post-modernism, L drives a wedge between the two with a stunning plan that has both camps scratching their collective heads. Eschewing the belief that structures must be either firm or folly, "Polly Pocket Hotel” is half Wagner, half Wonka, and delightfully 100% L. “If it’s structurally-sound” L told us recently in an exclusive interview from her mud room, “you can go anywhere from there. I have no interest in building what I see, only what I imagine.” Up next for the young rebel: a 700-story skyscraper made of play dough and pipe cleaners. Delightful!

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