Friday, July 17, 2009

Emerging Artist interview: L, 5 ½, Chicago

WMKAS: You work in a variety of mediums – everything from colored construction paper to your recent Polly Pocket Hotel architectural model for example. Is there any one particular medium you feel most comfortable with?
L: I’ve never seen the medium as anything more than a tool. Some tools you’re better with, certainly, but we need hammers and screwdrivers to build shelves, no? They are means to an end, the aesthetic doesn’t concern me.
WMKAS: But isn’t the perception, even, emotion of the work created by the aesthetic?
L: If you only look at the surface, sure. Do you like this jumper I’m wearing? Then I must be a nice person. Not necessarily “the truth” is it?
WMKAS: What’s next for you?
L: I’m haunted by options! I’m a big believer in everyday art – removing the preciousness, so to speak. To that end, I’ve always wanted to create a sort of social experiment, living art, if you will. The opposite of flash mobs – that pre-planned spontaneity makes my flesh crawl.
WMKAS: Thank you for your time.
L: You’re quite welcome.

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