Friday, August 6, 2010

"Demons of the Desert", by S, markers and raw fear on paper

Oh, how a year can change things. The millions of you who read this blog daily certainly recall the soaring work of Palm Desert’s S; crackling with intensity and verve, bold swooshes of reds and yellows bespoke her arid homeland and her bold, gregarious worldview. Fast forward some 9 months and it’s clear that S has entered a new phase in her prolific career – gone is the vast, endless possibility of the desert sky, enter the cramped, judging gaze of “The Monsters.” Intrigued by this sea change, WMKAS reached out to S who granted us a surprisingly candid interview over a cold fruit juice. “Life is not all sunshine and butterflies, now is it” S began. “I don’t believe in boogeymen –‘Monsters’, is less about the physical presence and more about the demons in the mental closet.” Does that explain the cold, lifeless eyes? “Not exactly" S replied, "I have trouble drawing pupils.” Indeed!