Thursday, August 12, 2010


If you know anything about the art world, you know that landing a review – positive or positively scathing – in WMKAS is a major, major deal. I don’t hand out pixels to every Tom, Degas and Harry that knocks on my electronic door. But when a new artist delivers not one, but two gigabreaths of fresh air to my inbox, I grab my Smith Corona and take the message to the streets. Such is the case with C, or as she’s known in the art circles of her hometown of Boston, “that aht-ist kid.” But C is the rare case who views art as nothing more than a tiny part of a greater whole; a theorem applied to a hypothesis based on a hunch – everything and nothing is fact. These two remarkable pieces, entitled “Will she Star?” and “Will she Bird?” are as glorious and meaningful to the art world as they are to the hyper-nerds at MIT. How so? Consider this factoid from our friends in the lesser science: place a single atom in a controlled environment and it still cannot be predicted how long it will take to decay; only the probability of decay within a given time can be calculated. That’s the beauty of randomness. That’s the beauty of human nature. For no matter how many stars, birds or parameters you overlay, C cannot be predicted, she will be only what she will be. Chaos, my dear readers, is beautiful. And so is C.

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