Friday, January 14, 2011

SPOTLIGHT!: L, Minnetonka

Without question one of the most exciting artists to come out of the snowy hinterlands since the scathing small-town critic, Sinclair Lewis, Minnetonka’s L has burst onto the scene like a mentos dropped in Diet Coke. And just like the Sauk Centre scribe, she pulls no punches. The irascable youth’s most important work to date -- “Defacing Disney” (shown above) caused an industry wide stir that ultimately prompted a much choreographed reaction from the Giant Mouse himself. A reaction that garnered little more than a passing glance from the artist. “I don’t like Mickey, I like Goofy. Mickey’s stupid.” Touche!

Forgoing paint and brush for more visceral tools like crayon and pencil, L’s work can best be described as guttural or as she puts it, “scribbly-wibbly.” Perhaps shaped by the long, icy Minnetonka winters, she’s less concerned with creating subtle intonations in her work -- she prefers to wield a sledge-hammer. “I like crayons because they feel super good.”

So true.

Is a mixed media surprise next in line for the Minnesota’s Muse? “I like to cut stuff with scissors. And I like graham crackers, too. They’re good.” Whatever she chooses to do next, we’ll be keeping a close eye on her. When asked about her literary cousin, Mr. Lewis, Lucy stops short of claiming she’s reached her artistic Main Street. “I like art. I like to do art every day and stuff.”

We’ll be watching!