Monday, January 17, 2011

I show you the subtle difference between genius and crap.

Read and learn, novices.

"Dots" L, Chicago, dot marker and pencil
If paradigm-shattering composer Phillip Glass could paint, this is the masterpiece he would create. L’s gorgeous symmetry conceals blooming buds of chaos much like Glass’s repetitive notes conspire to create wholly other rhythms. Both artists display an other-worldly grasp on this simple human condition: repetition does not remove opportunity, it creates it. This is music to mine eyes.

"Circles" E, St. Louis, water based paint and fingers
This is just a bunch of colored dots on paper, unlike L’s masterwork, “Dots”, which trembles with a barely containable energy. A word of caution, E: do not confuse play with art. Take off the smock, put down the graham cracker and paint like the entire Pre-K room is watching. And maybe one day, they will be.

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