Friday, September 9, 2011

Tree of Life, S, Deerfield, IL, finger paint on construction paper,

Flyover country is also God-fearing country and northern Illinoisian, S, is a bold, touched and humble servant. “Tree of Life” is a massive title for a young soul, but when your first painting, “God as Caterpillar” triggered an outcry from none other than the Vatican itself, you tend to feel “big” may just be your birthright. No shying away from the spotlight in this effort; the wily serpent winds his way around the apple tree, changing his colors cunningly in mid-form. The apples, clustered in a bushing seem to be falling from a divine light – this is pre Adam and Eve as God and the Devil jockey for better seats in this first play. The inclusion of a blowfish at lower right is interesting if not totally bizarre and serves as what is fast becoming a trademark of the Midwestern artist – tried and true logic challenged by linear-breaking randomness. As in all her outdoor works, S leaves the grass high – a nod to her fear of lawnmowers.