Monday, April 4, 2011


First off, let me apologize for my lengthy absence. I took my annual "regeneration" trip to West DesMoines (Martha and Pete, you're both aces!), and then, upon returning, learned that my humble blog was being courted by a plucky book publisher. After weeks of intense negotiations, highlighted by my refusing to speak for 36 hours until certain demands were met (how is an author supposed to agree to ANYTHING LESS than total control over paper stock?!?), we reached a deal. So, my dear readers, should you like to hitch your wagon to a star and have your work reviewed in my forthcoming epic, submit a high resolution file to me today at I expect this book to be a best seller and if you aren't ready for that kind of publicity, simply step aside. As I learned during my time in community theater, the spotlight is not for everyone.