Monday, March 23, 2009

"Cabinet" by S; digital photography experiment

Picasso once said that photography would spell the end of the painter. And since the invention of the daguerreotype, artists have struggled to find the right lens with which to view the medium. Is photography true artistic creation? Or merely a capturing of a moment already conceived and created by others? Surprisingly, the harshest criticisms have come from post-modernists who decry the lack of true human expression in the photo. But as S clearly shows in “Cabinet”, a deft hand can bring a reservoir of meaning to the most pedestrian of images. A seemingly innocuous kitchen tapers to an infinite boundary: the edge of counter space or yet another invisible border in our daily lives? Even the floor rug, for all its’ wild hairs, leads us sadly to the same conclusion. Picasso, for all his brilliance, had it wrong. For in the skilled hands of the true artist, photography is simply an extension of the canvas. Bravo.

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