Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Woman With Banana" by S; mixed media, Guest reviewer!

Reviewed by Brad DeMarea
This mixed media piece is the first real paper on styrofoam plate standout of the 2000s. Often misinterpreted as a monkey, Woman With Banana is the depiction of a woman who has stolen a banana from Whole Foods and is looking for someone to kill. The missing pieces of the plate where the ears would be indicate that the woman may be deaf, insane, or both. It's up to the viewer to decide. The paper bag body, may signify a naked self, but the brown construction paper arms could mean that she may just be wearing a sweater after all. The hair looks to be wind-swept, as if she's lost outside in the middle of a storm, but it may indicate an internal storm of the mind. Again, the artist leaves this up to the viewer to decide. Lastly, the plastic, knowing, wiggly eyes stare deep into the viewer, and remind us all to live everyday to the fullest, as we will all one day come face to face with our own Woman With Banana.
Mr. DeMarea is a writer and director. His reviews have appeared in national publications such as Art!!, Finger Painting Quarterly, and He Said What, Girlfriend?!?


  1. Brad a brilliant analysis as usual. I think it relevant that this piece was hung not on a wall, but a rather on a floor. It is as if the artist wants us to be physically uncomfortable, bent-over in the heaving position screaming at our socked feet as we remember our own women with bananas. Astonishing - i wish I knew a french word to describe it.

  2. Mr. Dames, I am impressed by your knowledge. Would you consider being a guest reviewer? Before you say no, remember, it also doesn't pay!