Friday, March 27, 2009

READER SUBMISSION: "Stage" by T; San Diego, marker on paper

Leroy Neiman made a nice living capturing sports stars in their moments of glory. Fan of his work or not, the borrowed interest brought a certain “look at me” to his pieces. So it’s no surprise that musicians get their fair share of idol worship amongst the “starving artist” crowd; it’s the three-chord route to stardom, right? Perhaps. Where T’s work differs, and in this reviewer’s mind far surpasses Neiman’s, is wholly on the principle of insight. Neiman’s paint-sloppily-yet-still-by-numbers approach has none. T’s decision to take larger than life rockers The Who, and shrink them to bite-size teletubbys is absolutely by design. They pale in comparison to their marquee - a not so subtle nod to the power of the promotional machine. But what’s most compelling is the decision to add a fifth band member to the infamous quartet. Has the artist left room for all of us who air-guitared “My Generation” in our bedrooms? Or the spirit of the deaf, dumb and blind Pinball Wizard? Entirely possible considering the artist’s name: Tommy.


  1. I must admit, I am terribly satisfied with that review. Terribly satisfied!

  2. Tommy used his thumbprints for the band members. Thank you for reviewing his work. We love it!

    Tommy's mom

  3. always a pleasure. he's a young genius.